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Angélica and Rudolfo love the Alentejo and have been taking care of this small niche of peace and nature for over 20 years.


Rudolfo spent most of his life outdoors. After 10 years as a hiking and ornithological travel guide at a Swiss agency, he continues to devote himself to nature, bird watching and hiking. He loves surfing, but when the sea is calm he also goes fishing from time to time. He is a perfectly integrated Portuguese by option with Swiss roots. As a founding member and long-time chairman of the "Casas Brancas" association, he started the Rota Vicentina project, where he is particularly responsible for route planning. Therefore, he knows the coast like no one else.


The charming decoration of the houses comes from the skillful hands of his wife Angélica, who originated in Brazil. She does everything, the carpets, the headboards of the beds, curtains, everything bears her signature. She takes care of all the little details that make up the charm of Monte da Choça.


“We love living in the country, the peace, the animals. Telling stories or listening to guests. That is our way of living and being happy. "



Simone has been our right hand for a long time. You can often hear them singing while working in the housees. That gave her the nickname "Canary of Monte da Choça"



Flocki e Nina

Our very child-friendly receptionists. You always watch the gate to see who arrives or goes.



Jacinto, de Burro não tem nada…

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