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The sea looks silver with the spring sun reflecting. The aromatic smell of the dune plants is in the air and mixes with the salty smell of the sea. On top of a rock are the busy storks nesting. The song of Cartaxos and Lavercas doesn't stop all day...


The Costa Vicentina Natural Park protects a wild, undeveloped coastal landscape where bizarre cliffs and dunes alternate with rich flora and fauna. Behind it is an irrigated area with agriculture, which is then replaced by the hills and mountains of the Serra de Monchique.

Since the creation of the Rota Vicentina, the Fisherman’s Trail has become known worldwide and now you will see more hikers. But there is much more to discover.

More than 20 circular trails are all easy to reach because our farm is right in the middle of the entire network of hiking trails. Especially in spring, when all fields and heaths bloom and the air is full of aromatic smells and twittering birds, we surrender to the charm of this unique coast.



We provide hiking guides and the map of Rota Vicentina and we are happy to give advice on the best hiking trails. As a “father” and responsible for the route planning of Rota Vicentina, Rudolfo knows the coast like no other. Especially in spring, we like to hike with our guests.



For small groups we are happy to offer multi-day programs from Faro Airport or Lisbon. Special interests (e.g. bird life or botany) can also be taken into account.

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